Shipping and Payment Information

It is safest to expect errors and delays with FedEx and USPS and FedEx is not guaranteeing delivery times, with some exceptions.

In many cases, Spider Pharm will only charge actual shipping (billed separately) for replacements. Please inquire.

Summer Shipping Delays

Shipments may be delayed if temperatures above 950F are forecast for Phoenix, AZ.

Please inquire for details and let us know if you need to reschedule or cancel delayed orders.

Shipping Schedule

What When By
Live Fly Pupae, Larvae and Adults Monday to Wednesday USPS or FedEx
Non-Hazardous Live Spiders Tuesday or Wednesday FedEx Only (1)
Next Day Recommended
Hazardous Live Spiders
(e.g. Latrodectus, Loxosceles)
Inquire Delta Air Cargo
Perishables Monday to Saturday USPS or FedEx
Live Spiders
Inquire Delta Air Cargo (2)
Domestic Venom and Other Preparations (Not Live) Inquire FedEx or USPS
Ambient, With Coolant, Dry Ice or Dry Shipper
International Venom and Other Preparations (Not Live) Tuesday or Wednesday FedEx (3)
Ambient or Dry Shipper
(Please inquire if you require an exception. We’re happy to help if we can.)

(1) USPS prohibits spiders but Spider Pharm has permission to ship non-hazardous spiders by FedEx. Unfortunately, we are rural and need to drop shipments off in another town. We try to limit this once per week since it is a 2-hour trip, minimum.

US Postal Service (USPS) prohibits spiders and only accepts scorpions under special conditions, so all orders containing spiders and/or scorpions ship via FedEx.

(2) International shipments of live spiders are shipped via Delta Air Cargo and can be very expensive. We need to use a licensed animal broker (circa US$ 250.00) and schedule an inspection by US Fish & Game (about US$ 186.00) at one of their designated ports. Delta’s fees may be several hundred dollars.

(3) International shipments of non-living wildlife products, including venom and other preparations, need a USFWS export inspection (about $93.00) .


Payments are processed and completed at the time order by PayPal, by credit card or through your PayPal account. A PayPal account is not required.

Other payment options are available. Please contact us to place purchase orders or to order by phone.